Join us for the 2020 ATI Annual Conference virtually!


ATI 2020: All Together, Where We Are
October 15-19

The 2020 Alexander Technique International Annual Conference and General Meeting Online will offer us the opportunity to gather together from all over the world, right where we are.

In a time when we are living in relationship with physical distancing, human imagination and the magic of technology make it possible to bridge expanses. Alexander's principles teach us that to pause, waiting in uncertainty, creates a moment full of potential!

The space between us is not empty. Let us come together and embrace change and the unknown with ease - listening with openness for something new to emerge.

Despite the conference being online this year, we have a plethora of live and pre-recorded workshops for you to participate in! We will also have Coffee Hours throughout the conference so that you are able to connect and engage with other Alexander Technique peers.

This will give you more information about what workshops will be available in which languages, and what materials you may need to have available for the presentation


We have broken down the conference schedule into time zones to make it easy for participants across the globe to choose the workshops they are available to attend


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