ATI Certification Procedure

Whether you are a trainee, an experienced teacher of the Alexander Technique, or a member of the public, we are happy to share ATI’s process of certifying ATI Certified Teachers.   If you have questions about becoming an ATI Certified Teacher, please contact the Chair of the Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC).

To apply to become an ATI Certified Teaching Member via Sponsorship, please follow these steps:

1. Am I ready?

If you are considering applying to become a teaching member of ATI via the sponsorship process, please first ask yourself whether you feel competent and confident in your teaching skills and fully able to demonstrate ATI's criteria for being endorsed by an ATI sponsor. You will need to have experience teaching people who have no previous experience of the Alexander Technique. We encourage you to continue to learn and grow with this work until you are certain that you are ready to proceed. Please ensure that you have seen the following information about fulfilling ATI's evaluation criteria:

  • Guidelines for demonstrating your teaching skills
  • Guidelines for studying and demonstrating your knowledge of:
  • And that you have read and understood how to go about the sponsoring process in full by reading the steps below

2. ATI Application for Teaching Member via Sponsorship documents:

Online Application for Teaching Member via Sponsorship

You can review application prior to filling it out online by downloading the Print Application.   ATI Criteria for Evaluating the Competencies of Teachers (Candidate Evaluation Form)  |  Candidate Questionnaire  |  Code of Ethics  |  Ethics Scenarios (by request only) 

3. Schedule your ATI Sponsor Evaluations:

Every year, ATI schedules special, dedicated Sponsor Days connected to our Annual Conference. During these specially scheduled days, you may schedule up to three (3) evaluations via the Certification Coordinating Committee with sponsors who have volunteered to be available on that day.  You can find information about these specially scheduled days on the “Become an ATI Teacher” page. Attending the ATI Annual Conference and obtaining your evaluations at the Annual Conference is the best way to meet ATI members and to learn more about how ATI functions as an organization.

If you cannot attend one of the special Sponsor Days, you should contact the ATI Sponsors of your choice to make specific arrangements regarding the time, date, and place of your meeting. ATI Sponsors are located in many countries (see our list of ATI Sponsors), so it is usually easy to locate three ATI Sponsors in your area. In addition, many of our ATI Sponsors travel to other countries to attend conferences or give workshops, so it may be possible to arrange an evaluation with them during one those times. Additionally, many sponsors are now able to offer online sponsorship sessions, via video conferencing.

Fees for ATI sponsor evaluation sessions vary according to country. Please click here for a list of cost per session in each country. 

4. Complete the Sponsor evaluation process:  

Generally, the Certification Process sessions take approximately two (2) hours and include your teaching a beginning student.  All ATI Sponsors work with you according to the ATI Criteria for Evaluating the Competencies of Teachers (Candidate Evaluation Form).  ATI Sponsors have diverse educational backgrounds that bring real life lessons and challenges to the process. You can use this as a learning opportunity. Most of all, enjoy the process!

5. Submit your Completed ATI Teaching Member via Sponsorship Application:

After you have successfully completed the evaluation process with three (3) ATI Sponsors, you may submit your Application directly online, where you can upload your signed and scanned Candidate Evaluation Form, Code of Ethics, and the optional Applicant Questionnaire. If you are unable to upload the documents, you can find a printable application here. Complete the application by hand, and mail it to the ATI office.

When your application is approved by the Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC), you will receive your ATI Teaching Certificate.  It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for review once we have received your completed application.

6. Pay ATI’s Membership Dues:

Once your application is reviewed by the Certification Coordinating Committee and approved, you will be sent an invoice for your Teaching Member Dues from the ATI Office.

Please be sure to check your email in the weeks following your application submission as we will be sending you a welcome email with membership information. We will also send a printed Certification for your records.