Become an ATI Teaching Member

Are you an Alexander Technique Teacher looking for a community that promotes learning from each other, embracing diversity and fostering international dialogue? Then become an ATI Teaching Member.

ATI offers two Teaching Member categories:

  • Teaching Member via Recognition
    Alexander Technique Teachers who have a certificate from one of our recognized societies may become an ATI Teaching Member.

All Teaching Members sign the ATI Code of Ethics.

Please review the information about the two types of Teaching memberships so that you complete the correct teaching member application.

Basic requirements for ATI Teacher Certification can be found here!


Online Sponsoring Process Now Available

In these revolutionary times the Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC) has convened a small group of sponsors and determined that it is possible for ATI to conduct robust and accurate sponsoring sessions for new teaching candidates on video conferencing e.g. Zoom, Facetime. Google Duo etc. We are standing solidly on ATI’s sponsoring proposal passed in 2019. CCC is certain that the criteria all sponsors abide by can be addressed via this medium. 

This is not new to the sponsoring process, as some of our sponsors have been sponsoring candidates for many years, using a video method, either live or recorded.  Over the  years, many sponsors have been fully able to evaluate a teacher without directly experiencing their hands-on work.  This is no different in person or on live video.  

CCC is now arranging for people who are familiar and facile with online conferencing platforms and video evaluation to be available to train other sponsors if they wish. This decision moves ATI fully into the 21st century in our ability to disseminate the teachings of Alexander Technique throughout the world. We are excited that internationally so many people want to be a part of ATI and that by also sponsoring via online platforms, we are now  able to welcome these candidates through ATI’s evaluation process, whilst continuing to uphold our high standards.