Working Groups

Working Group on Racism and Diversity

Board Liaison: Debi Adams | Boston, MA USA
Rosa Luisa Rossi | Rheinfelden, Switzerland
Marya Spring Cordes | Dayton, OH USA 
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA 
Cathy Madden | Seattle, WA, USA 
Belinda Mello | New York, NY USA
Holly Cinnamon | New York, NY USA 
Lucia Walker | Oxford, UK
Sharyn West | Johannesburg, South Africa
Morgan Ford Brunketurner | Auburn WA USA
Linda Hein | Cambridge MA, USA 
Jennifer Mizenko | University MS, USA
Manuelle Borgel | Paris, France
Irene Schlump | Bochum, Germany
Kirika Rotermund-Nakamura | Remagen, Germany

Committee Purpose: to uncover biases in Alexander Technique theory, language and practice; to lead ATI in developing and enacting anti-racist policies that bring about a stronger, diverse and equitable community; and to provide training and opportunities for ATI to understand White privilege and systemic racism and the physical manifestation of Racial Trauma in People of Color.