The Potency of Presence: The 4 stages of the release & the importance of 'embodied presence'

Delia Rosenboom

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Online via zoom

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A 'hands-on' workshop exploring the four stages and levels of release, moving gradually from an initial 'superficial and exterior letting go' to a more refined, deep and 'cellular' release. We will look at the vital role that conscious presence has to play in this process of release, and in particular how giving a direction can only reach its full potency and effectiveness when a pupil first becomes present within themselves. We will explore the concept that 'arriving', ' inhabiting', or becoming present in oneself is a vital prerequisite to an optimal release. Practical work in semi-supine and the upright; talk throughs, discussion and more…16.00-21.00 GMT / UK time Bookings: email [email protected] Further details: (scroll down page to find workshop!)

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