Working online – teaching a pupil to self-organise their own new head- neck-back relationship with Penelope Easten; featured by ATD e.V.

Date of the Event/Workshop:
March, 13, 2021, 10 am - noon GMT

Location of the Event/Workshop:
Zoom, Online

Brief Description of Event:
The workshop will be held in English. German translation: Irene Schlump. Penelope demonstrates how we can work on a "free neck" of our students without touch and Online - with experience-based anatomy, theory and Alexander's Procedures.About Penelope: Penelope studied zoology and has been an Alexander Technique teacher since 1989. Her teaching is deeply inspired by her work with Miss Goldie, which she now brings to in-depth online courses for AT teachers. To be featured in: Online Teaching - I like it! Ideas and good examples from the Alexander Technique world, we will explore the topic in four online workshops with different aspects around the topic of "being online" with different workshop presenters. The workshops last 2 hours each and can be booked individually or together. Save the Date: Jan 30: Sabine Grosser; Feb 13: Yoko Yasuda; Feb 28: Bruce Fertman

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