Alexander, Adler and Emotional Habits. A workshop with Antoinette Kranenburg and Peter Nobes

Date of the Event/Workshop:
January 11th 2021 - January 25th 2021

Location of the Event/Workshop:

Brief Description of Event:
Alexander teachers and students typically find the physical aspect of habitual reactions easy to describe and talk about. The mental, emotional, and psychological aspects can be harder to discuss and can make us uncomfortable. Aren’t those a key part of why we decided to train and live this life-changing work? Re-educating our sensory appreciation, as F.M. meant it, is about our whole self not just our body and includes re-educating the emotional, psychological, spiritual sense of our self. Recognizing and naming a pattern clearly, is a powerful step towards recovering choice about our response. Reactions have a way of taking us by surprise. Something that is a simple matter for you, turns out to trigger anxiety in someone else. In this workshop we will use Lifestyle Priorities, a concept from Adlerian Psychology, as a framework to clarify and understand emotional habits more deeply.

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