A Sad Loss for the Alexander Technique Profession

With deep sadness we regret to announce that Don Weed, the founder of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) and our Head of Training, has passed away.

We are devastated by the loss of our wonderful and inspiring teacher and mentor. Facing the fact of living in a world without Don feels strange and sad, as the gravity of his loss continues to sink in. We will miss him for his inspiring teaching, his compassion, his tremendous humour, and his leadership.

Don was an extraordinary man. He was profoundly compassionate and patient. He had a knowledge and understanding of Alexander’s work that was second to none. The benefit of his mastery and insight as an educator inspired and supported thousands of Alexander students worldwide, over almost five decades, in this great and most important adventure - the pursuit of a fuller and more satisfying life.

Don dedicated his life to his study and understanding of how to teach FM Alexander’s work. This commitment was underpinned by his belief in each person’s unique nature and abilities. He has left us with his legacy of a profound and radical approach to the teaching of Alexander’s work.

With gratitude, pride and love, we in the ITM will continue to build this legacy. Don will live in our hearts and memories as we work together to reach his dream of a better world, in which more and more people seek freedom, ease, and meaning in life.

We thank you Don with all our hearts. You are loved and missed.

ITM, April 2022