Teacher Competence Committees

Debi Adams & Gabby Minnes Brandes, Board Liaisons

Certification Coordinating Committee

Certification Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs:
Eric Rentmeister | Koln, Germany

Committee Members:
Delia Rosenboom | Forest Row, East Sussex, UK
Sarah Barker | Columbia, SC, USA
Linda Hein | Cambridge MA, USA
Joe Krienke | Blue Lake, CA, USA
Darci Lobdell I Albuquerque, NM, USA
Molly Kittle | Boulder, CO, USA
Sharyn West | Oxford, UK

Committee Purpose:  The Certification Coordinating Committee (CCC) oversees the ATI Certification Process.  CCC coordinates with the ATI office and ATI Sponsors to ensure that the teaching member applicant has met all criteria to receive an ATI Teaching Certificate. The CCC also coordinates the certification activities of the Pre-day each year at the ATI Annual Conference.  CCC oversees the election and re-election of all ATI Sponsors, and provide support to ATI Sponsors in their evaluations of applicants.

Professional Development Committee

Professional Development Committee Co-Chairs:
Yuuka Shibayama, Chair, Kobe, Japan
Kanae Tsuneki, Co-chair, Chiba, Japan

Committee Members:
Diana Bradley | Takoma Park, MD, USA
Morgan Ford Brunketurner | Auburn WA USA
Holly Cinnamon | New York, NY, USA
Joe Kaplan, Kirkland, Washington, USA
Catherine Kettrick | Seattle, WA, USA
Antoinette Kranenburg | Kensington, MD, USA
David Mills | Seattle, WA, USA
Anca Sigheti | Romania
Kirika Rotermund-Nakamura | Remagan, Germany

Committee Purpose:  The task of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) is to establish the teaching of the Alexander Technique on a professional basis, by defining the content of the Technique; by describing the scope and nature of teaching; and by developing criteria, standards and the means for evaluating the competencies of teachers.

Continuing Education Committee

Continuing Education Committee Chair:
Jennifer Mizenko | University MS, USA

Committee Members:
Jane Bick | Tucson, AZ, USA
Corinne Cassini | Boone, NC, USA
Anita Freeman | Durham, NH, USA
Teresa Lee | Trade, TN, USA
Peter Nobes | London, United Kindom
Jana Tift | Winter Park, FL, USA
Catherine Vernerie | Rustrel, France

Committee Purpose:  The Continuing Education Committee (CEC) provides oversight of the program which recognizes the continuous learning of our ATI teaching members.